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Mrs. Bonnie Pechulis 
Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology 
   Welcome to Spanish class! The purpose of this letter is to explain a few policies, requirements and classroom routines that I have found to be the most useful and successful for Spanish 8:

1. Learning a foreign language is very different from other subjects. It relies on a great deal of oral work, in the form of active participation in class as well as practice at home.

2. Keeping your notebook organized is essential to good study habits. I will give you the necessary dividers for your Spanish section of your binder. You do not need a separate binder for Spanish class.

3.  The first few weeks will be spent reviewing last yearís work Ė so donít worry about how much you forgot over the summer!

4. Participation in class is a must! We will have lots of partner and group work as well as individual. We will also use the language lab once per week, for which you will receive a classwork grade.

5 . My goal is to incorporate more computer technology into our lessons this year. For those of you with Internet access at home, I encourage you to visit my web site:
The foreign language department created the site in July and we are very excited about the wealth of information on the site. It will be continually revised throughout the year. We will also do several class projects using the Web Site as a starting point.

6. Your grade will be determined as follows:

7.  Homework is a very important part of your study of Spanish!  I will assign written homework approximately 3 to 4 times a week. It will be your responsibility to copy your homework in your planner. In addition, my homework will be posted at (Just type in the zipcode "21234.") It is very important that you orally review your lesson every night.  The more you practice, the better Spanish speaker you will be! 8. Extra credit to me means "in addition to" not "instead of." It will be available at the beginning of the term only. I will hand out some optional assignments during the first week of school. After the designated due date (probably around interim time), these assignments will not be accepted. Extra credit cannot be used as a substitute for a missing assignment.

9. Please ask questions! I am not always accessible after class because of floating, but many times I confer with students on our way to the next class. I am also available during homeroom, lunch and before and after school.  You may also email me at

10. Finally, a few common sense rules for behavior should be followed by all:

Failure to comply with these rules may result in a conference, parent contact, team conference, after-school detention or an office referral.
Letís have a successful year!
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I have read and I understand Mrs. Pechulisí Welcome Letter.

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