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A Virtual Tour of the Spanish-Speaking World

Lesson Plan
Bonnie Pechulis

Language:   Level I , Grade 7-12

Text:  Paso a Paso 1.  This lesson is introduced at the end of Chapter 7 (Vacation, travel and weather.)

Objective:  Students will work in groups to create a vacation guide to a Spanish-speaking country by using Internet and word processing tools.

1.  Computer with Internet access, word processing, and slide presentation software
2.  Index cards with pictures (or stickers) of the flags of the Spanish-speaking countries. You need at least a pair of each or more, depending on the class size.  (I use these throughout the year for other partner/group work.) 
3.  Student worksheet
4.  Craft materials as needed (markers, poster board, etc.)


1.   Students were given a card (upon entering the room) on which there is a flag of one of the countries. They must sit with their partner( or other group members, depending on the size of your class)  with the same flag.

2.  After reviewing the countries of these flags, students will be introduced to the task - to explore in greater detail one of these countries by taking a virtual tour on the Internet and presenting their information in a creative manner.

3.  I will explain the task, using the student worksheet.

4.  Students will work with their partners for approximately 4-5 days (timing needs to be flexible) to gather the information and prepare for the presentation to the class.

5.  Progress will be monitored daily by means of a "group progress sheet" as exit ticket. (sample below)


 1.    Students will self-assess daily by means of exit tickets. (samples for different days are below)
  2.    The class presentations will be evaluated by the teacher and other students. (see Evaluation Rubric below)


(Student Activity Sheet)

Vamos a...
Introduction: Your group will be exploring a Spanish-speaking country by using the world wide web.  You will be looking for specific information, using the questions and links listed below.  You will then present your information to the class using one of these methods:  a travel brochure, a poster, a HyperStudio or Power Point slide show, an original skit, or any other creative way that will complete the project effectively.  You will have approximately five days (or more, if necessary) to research and prepare your project.

Let's begin!

1.  The starting point for exploring your country is the list of Culture Links in my Home Page.  Scroll down the links to the one that will help you find the answer to each question on your Activity Sheet, then click on it.   You may work cooperatively to find the answers, but each student should complete a worksheet.  Ready??  Go to:


1.  Las personas en mi grupo se llaman______________________________________________________.

2.  El nombre de nuestro país es ______________.  Está en ______________________. (Centroamérica, Sudamérica, el Mar Caribe, o Europa.)

3.  La capital se llama_________________.

4.  Tres otras ciudades importantes se llaman_____________,_______________, y___________________.

5.  Lugares geográficos de importancia son______________________________________________________.

5.  La población es_____________________de habitantes.

6.  Los colores de la bandera son________________________________.  Dibuje la bandera:

7.  El dinero ($$$) de mi país se llama___________________.  Hay _____________en un dólar americano.

8.  El tiempo normal de mi país:     __________________________________
                                                            temperatura máxima________grados
                                                            temperatura mínima ________grados

9.  Noticias del día (News of the Day)______________________________________________________________
10.  Fiestas importantes y las fechas:___________________________________        ______________
                                                            ___________________________________        _______________
                                                            ___________________________________        _______________

11.  Lugares de interés (Places of Interest) a visitar:
        ____________________________________        __________________________________
        ____________________________________        __________________________________

12.  Productos importantes:    _________________________        ____________________________
                                                  _________________________        ____________________________

13.  Otras ideas:  Write other ideas or information here that your group would like to include in your presentation:


(Sample exit tickets)

I hand these out five minutes before the end of class.  I copy four to five on one page, then cut them apart. They can be given out either to each student or one per group.  They serve as a quick, one-minute or less summary of the lesson and /or the students' assessment of their progress.  The students must hand me their ticket as they leave class.  Choose whichever ticket makes sense for the day's lesson, or make your own!

Boleto de Salida #1

Nombre del grupo__________________

Two things I learned about my country are:



Boleto de Salida #2

My group will do a _________________________________as a presentation to the class.

We need help with_________________________________________________.

Boleto de Salida #3

One thing that I liked about today's class was_________________________________.

One thing that I didn't like was__________________________________________.

Boleto de Salida #4

One thing I learned today was______________________________________

I am confused about______________________________________________

(Here is a sample of a rubric for this project.  This can be used by the teacher as well as the students for grading other groups' presentations.)

Group Evaluation
Names of Students________________            _________________
                           ________________            _________________

Did you include the following information ?        some                most                all
    --country                                                        1                      2                   3
    --3 other cities
    --geographic features
    --average weather
    --current news
    --tourist attractions

How did you present the information? ____________________
                                                                     poor                average         excellent
Creativity                                                          1                        2                     3

Group cooperation                                             1                        2                     3

Accuracy of information                                     1                        2                     3

Spelling and grammar                                         1                        2                     3

Presentation (held audience, spoke clearly
   and loudly, answered questions,etc.)                 1                        2                     3

                                                                                          TOTAL SCORE:   _______/18





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