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Mrs. Bonnie Pechulis
Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology

    Welcome to Spanish class! As you learned last year, studying a foreign language is very different from other subjects. It relies on a great deal of oral work, in the form of active participation in class as well as practice at home. The first few weeks will be spent reviewing last year’s work – so don’t worry about how much you forgot over the summer! We will be continuing with Paso a Paso, concentrating on Chapters 4-7. At the end of this year, you will be prepared to take the Spanish I exam for high school credit. For more details about the curriculum, you may visit my web page and click on "Paso a Paso Guide." The address for the site is:

We have some exciting projects and interesting units of study planned for you. We will also incorporate more computer technology in our lessons this year. The purpose of this letter is to explain the policies, requirements and classroom routines that we will follow this year:


    Consequences for lateness, disrespect, or disruption will result in a warning, loss of responsibility points (described later), a conference, parent contact, team conference, after-school detention or an office referral.
4. REQUIRED MATERIALS: 5. YOUR NOTEBOOK: A well-maintained, organized notebook will be one of your most important study tools as you learn to speak and write in a second language. You must keep it neat and be ready to use it every day. All Spanish papers should be kept in their appropriate section. I will give you the following pages to serve as dividers:
Although not required, I suggest that you put each of the above pages in plastic page protectors. They will last the entire year and will be easier to find in your notebook. All pages must be labeled and dated with the section and page # in the upper right corner. Example: V1/30.8.99 ( Vocabulario, p.1, August 30, 1999) We will have one unannounced open notebook quiz per term, so a well-maintained notebook is essential! Only pages in their proper place can be used for this quiz.

6. YOUR GRADE in Spanish will be based on a balance of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It will be determined by a combination of the following: NOTE: I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE HOMEWORK UNLESS YOU WERE LEGALLY ABSENT FROM SCHOOL. NO EXCEPTIONS!


8. EXTRA CREDIT to me means "in addition to" not "instead of." Extra credit will be available at the beginning of each term. I will hand out the list of culture credit assignments and extra credit during the first week of school and they will be due around interim time. They cannot be used as a substitute for a missed assignment, but rather as "insurance" to help boost your quiz grade at the end of the quarter. I will not accept them past the designated due date.
9. RESPONSIBILITY POINTS: These are a great way for you to add a high score to your classwork average at the end of the marking period. How do you earn them and how are they used? 1 – eyes on speaker
2 – quiet
3 – be still
4 – hands free
5 – listen
  Hopefully, this system will keep distractions to a minimum.

10  Finally, please ask questions!   I am not always accessible after class because of floating, but many times I confer with students on our way to the next class. I am also available during homeroom, lunch and before or after school. You may also email me:

Let’s have a successful year!
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