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¡Bienvenidos a la Página de Links Para Mis Clases!

    This page is designed to assist my students in their studies of Spanish and related subjects. Students will find many links and resources off of this page that will be beneficial and helpful to them over the course of the year. Check this page often for updates--many other classes' projects are listed here.   Do not hesitate to see me or send email if you have questions, suggestions or problems!! Good luck and enjoy!!!
Do you need more ideas and resources for projects? Try...
The University of Texas Latin American Information Network
Univ of Toledo Bookmarks-- over 120 links to help you, including sports, music, holidays, and more
Culture Links from Univ. of Toledo
University of Toledo Foreign Languages
La Pagina Mafalda de Al (Mafalda is a famous comic strip by an Argentine artist. This page introduces the characters and has some strips available with translations.)
Coleman's Website for Hispanists
TDuggan Spanish Web Page (great links, including recipes, literature, newspapers, and vocab/grammar help)
Assunta's Spanish pages (special features include extensive attention to Christmas in Mexico, Destinos, and grammar help)
Mr. Lee's Spanish Home Page (many links, plus online tutor help)
Welcome to Coqui! (this site emphasizes resource information, including countries and regions, food, music and art, and newspapers)
KS Bulger pages (try here for Homework Help links, a Spanish chat room just for Spanish students, and more Spanish links and newspapers)
B. Clinch's Web Pages (check this page out for links on sports, news, resources, research ideas, countries, and literature)
Favorite Foreign Language Web Resources (this site includes these categories, among others: newspapers, food, sports, music, literature, museums, artists, leisure, history, and holidays/celebrations)
Travel and Country Information--Mexico
Amazing Mexico Links (this page has information on NAFTA, many aspects of Mexico, all of Latin America, museums, art, history, artists, writers, newspapers, and more recipes)
More Spanish Links Than You Can Imagine!!
Famous Hispanics (need someone to research? Try here.)
México Web Guide - (information on living in Mexico, including cost of living, what' s going on, etc.)
Spanish Culture (great information about cultural aspects of life in Spain)
Still more links to other cool Spanish-related places.